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2013 Restaurant Week Promises Good Eats, Great Deals

The Lunch Bunch, a group of locals who have dined together at over 400 area restaurants, are a great example to us all. The Huntsville/Madison County area has over 500 eateries, each offering a unique cuisine and dining experience. Lloyd, Louie, Rene and Marie, the members of The Lunch Bunch, have experienced the good food and atmosphere of almost all of our local restaurants and while doing so, they’ve supported our local economy.


Harrison Brothers Hardware Store & Museum

Huntsville is a city of cutting edge technology – from space shuttles to Apple stores, our lives move at a fast pace. At times, it is easy to forget the way things used to be, when stores smelled of hayseed, flour, and strong black coffee. Nestled in a quiet spot on South Side Square, Harrison Brothers Hardware Store is a virtual time machine. Staffed with mostly volunteers, this general store turned historic museum and local artisan champion has managed to remain largely untouched by the 21st century.


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