Experts Corner

The Lie of Motivation

Jason Edwards, Studio Manager at Orange Theory Fitness shares his expertise on getting fit and the truth about getting started.

We’ve all seen it. That moment in a film like Rocky where someone hears an inspirational speech and goes on to perform a training montage that stirs us all. You know, the one that makes you want to sprint up some museum stairs and raise your hands up in victory, with the rest of your life following in perfect harmony. All he needed was that one spark of motivation to drag him out of his all-time low and then, all was well.

With all due respect to Rocky, and trust me that movie is a staple in my collection, motivation like that is a lie. It doesn’t strike from the sky like a lightning bolt, it doesn’t crash over you like a wave, and if you are solely relying on it to carry you through, it doesn’t last.

The problem is that we have reversed the order of things. We feel motivation should come first and then we’re able to achieve our goals. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Studies show that those who just start an activity achieve higher levels of motivation. So, the key is to just start. Quit waiting for when the kids are older, your work schedule slows down, or the stock market rebounds.

Just start moving. That’s when the magic happens. You start to see progress towards your goals, and that, in turn, causes an increase in motivation. That increase in motivation leads to an increase in movement, and that increase in movement brings about greater progress towards your goals. Before you know it, you have to develop a new set of goals because you’ve already accomplished your original ones. Start moving today, even if you don’t feel like it, and you will be successful.

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