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Looking to add a bit of sparkle to your life? Look no further than Huntsville’s own Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry. Established in December of 2015 and opened in April 2016, Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry is a locally-owned and independently-operated jewelry store which prides itself on providing a diverse collection of exquisite pieces, each with a distinctive style. Offering a wide range of high-quality antique, estate, vintage and custom-design jewelry, Meyer and Lee exemplifies sophistication and class with a personal, local touch.

About Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry

Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry is owned and operated by Karen Boehme and Cheryl Brazelton of Huntsville. Boehme began her career with Alexander’s Jewelry over 28 years ago. In 2011, she began working full-time and training with the Gemological Institute of America which is considered the pinnacle of research and education in the field of gemology and the jewelry arts. Cheryl Brazelton also worked at Alexander’s before turning her passion into a full-time job. Doug Ottoway is Meyer and Lee’s experienced watch repairman, specializing in vintage watches. Ottoway continues his education with the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) in Harrison, Ohio. The AWCI is the premier organization dedicated to continuing education in the timekeeping and horology industries. Not only does Meyer and Lee provide antique, estate and custom-design jewelry collections, they also offer a full range of jewelry and watch repair services, including certified Rolex repair.

Local Magic

With owners and staff who have worked in the retail jewelry industry for more than 25 years, the business enjoys a loyal customer following. According to owner Cheryl Brazelton, “Our ongoing goals are to strive to provide great customer service and make sure that everyone who walks through our doors is happy and will come back again. We enjoy our customers and feel as though they are family.”

Passion & Purpose

From vintage fine jewelry to modern engagement and wedding bands, Meyer and Lee is passionate about accommodating the wants and needs of their loyal customers. Brazelton said, “We view jewelry as wearable art, which celebrates our customers’ individual moments and events throughout life.” For example, the staff at Meyer and Lee loves being involved in the process of helping couples select engagement rings. Brazelton explained, “They are starting their journey together and we are honored to be a part of that.” The value of a piece of jewelry goes beyond its beautiful aesthetic and transcends into sentiment, memory, joy, nostalgia, love and human connection. Jewelry can be a marker for the most important and momentous occasions in a person’s life; a physical symbol of the events that make life so special. Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry is proud to be a part of those moments, however big or small. Brazelton stated, “No matter what you are searching for, the dedicated and knowledgeable staff of Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry will help you find or create a magical piece of jewelry.”

Services Provided

In addition to offering their gorgeous selection of unique pieces, Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry is proud to utilize a team of experienced technicians who work hard to restore your tried-and-true jewelry to its former glory. Brazelton stated, “We really provide any service involving jewelry, such as repair and appraisals, but what we are particularly proud of is our custom-design work. You can either take an existing piece and transform it into something new or create a piece that is unique and totally yours.”

Customers of Meyer and Lee enjoy additional services such as over-the counter jewelry evaluations, sales, trade-in and consignment. “At Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry, we buy jewelry, watches, coins and bullion. Whether it is a family estate piece, diamond engagement ring, Rolex watch or tangled, broken bits from the bottom of your jewelry box, we aim to give you the most for your valuables,” Brazelton said.

At Meyer and Lee, they think of everything! With their Wish List Event, which occurs the first full week of November, they take the guesswork out of gift giving. Brazelton explained, “We invite our customers and the public to create a wish list where their family and friends will know exactly what they want for the holidays.”

Who is John Henry?

If you make a trip to Meyer and Lee Fine Jewelry, you just might get to meet their welcoming shop-pup, basset hound John Henry. Brazelton said, “He’s our adorable and precious boy who loves a good belly rub and enjoys visiting with our staff and customers!”

Brazelton noted, “We have lived here for a long time and our families are here. We are proud of Huntsville and the philanthropic efforts in our community. We know that giving back is very important and we donate to many non-profit organizations, including the Huntsville Botanical Garden, the American Cancer Society and the Women’s Guild, just to mention a few.” In addition to philanthropic donations, Meyer and Lee is involved in the lives of Huntsville-Madison-Decatur locals in a most special way. Brazelton stated, “We, through working at Alexander’s Jewelry, have seen generations purchase cherished pieces throughout their lives.”

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